Let’s create the atmosphere with … Accent lighting

The accent lights complete a room. Used to highlight a decorative element or to illuminate an area that requires more light, these are offered in a wide variety of styles to meet different needs.

How to choose them?

First thing: we need to ask ourselves about our needs.

1. Which areas are not adequately lit?
2. What uses do we make of different areas of ​​the house?
3. Is there an architectural or decorative detail that we would like to highlight?

Once we have answered these questions and identified our needs, we must now think about the ideal type of fixture to answer them.

Floor lamps: They are ideal for adding to the general lighting, if the room is large enough and not too crowded. In several new constructions where there is no ceiling lights in the center of the room (eg living room or bedroom), the floor lamp can even become the main light source!

Table lamps: in the bedroom, on our bedside tables, they will help create a peaceful atmosphere in the evening before going to bed. In the living room, on side tables, they will perfectly complement the basic lighting and add to the decor. If you want to use a table lamp in a reading corner or office, think about choosing a model that illuminates enough or that can be directed to our book or work plan.

Wall lights: the perfect solution to avoid cluttering the floor or the surfaces of the extra furniture! They are often used to light a corridor smoothly or to highlight a work of art. Models with a downward beam of light can also be used in a reading corner, behind the chair in which one is used to reading, in the bedroom, above the headboard or in the room bath, on the wall behind the counter.

Suspensions: If they are usually seen above the island of the kitchen or the dining room table, they can also be used as extra lighting over a coffee table or a coffee table. work desk. Depending on the model chosen, they can even become the focal point of a room or a place of transition, such as the entrance or the staircase leading upstairs.

Now that we have determined the types of extra lighting we need, all we have to do is select the models that will match the style of our decor!

It’s your turn!