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Spotlight on… Industrial style

As its name implies, industrial style harkens back to the era of industrialization. These spaces incorporate design elements inspired by factories from this period. While the industrial style was born in artist lofts, today it can be found in homes of all kinds. Here are a few tips for designing your own industrial space! Highlight […]

Spotlight on… Contemporary style

The appeal of a contemporary style lies in its ability to reflect the current fashions. With an emphasis on simplicity and functionality, it is inspired by the decorating trends of the moment. It follows, then, that this style has many faces and is constantly evolving, though all contemporary spaces share a predilection for neutral tones […]

Let’s create the mood for … The Office

Having a well-lit office to work on the computer or to read on paper is not luxury, on the contrary! Adequate lighting will improve comfort and promote good performance, while protecting the health of the eyes. In order to create the best working conditions or studies at home, try these four “illuminating” tips!   Multiply […]