Let’s create the ambiance for…The bathroom

Our bathroom welcomes us at different times of the day for different reasons. In order for it to accommodate us properly, its lighting should be carefully thought out.

Tips and tricks to illuminate this room in a beautiful way!

The bathroom must have several light sources to be illuminated effectively. In addition to the general lighting provided by a flushmount, this room requires precisely positioned accent lights.


Flushmounts are suitable for lighting that spreads throughout the room.


Depending on the desired level of brightness required, you can opt for a tracklight with two, three or even four projectors. By choosing a model with directional projectors, you will be able to illuminate different areas of the bathroom at the same time. It’s up to you to direct them to the right places, depending on your needs.


This type of light fixture provides localized lighting that facilitates makeup, hair styling or shaving. If you opt for a fixture that is above your mirror, make sure that it is suitable for the available space and be sure to install it between 1.9 and 2 m (between 75 and 80 inches) from the floor. If your preference is for appliques on either side of the mirror, place them at eye level or at a distance of approximately 1.5 to 1.68 m (60 to 66 inches) from the floor.


Suspensions can be installed on either side of the sink or above it, however, make sure that they do not prevent you from seeing yourself in the mirror.

If you have a double sink, you can hang a suspension over each of them. In any event, it is important to respect a distance of approximately 90 cm (36 inches) between the sink and the bottom of the light fixture. If the layout of your bathroom allows it, it is also possible to install a suspension in the center of the room or near the bathtub.

Psst! After a long day at work, draw a bath and enjoy! To set a relaxed ambiance, consider installing a dimmer switch for each lighting area.

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