Spotlight on… Industrial style

As its name implies, industrial style harkens back to the era of industrialization. These spaces incorporate design elements inspired by factories from this period. While the industrial style was born in artist lofts, today it can be found in homes of all kinds. Here are a few tips for designing your own industrial space!

Highlight certain architectural elements 

Black, charcoal, brick red, camel… If you’re a fan of pastels or delicate colours, the industrial style might not be for you! Not so keen to go to the dark side? Lighter shades such as light grey, ochre, beige and white all fit nicely into an industrial colour palette.

Stick to a dark, neutral colour palette

Noir, anthracite, rouge brique, chameau… Si vous aimez les couleurs pimpantes ou pastel, la déco industrielle n’est pas pour vous! Envie de quelque chose d’un peu plus lumineux? Vous ne ferez pas entorse au style en vous tournant vers des teintes plus claires comme le gris pâle, l’ocre, le beige ou le blanc.

Choosing the right furniture

Functionality and durability are two key traits of industrial furniture. Don’t forget that before it was used in homes, industrial furniture was made for factory employees—functionality was its raison d’être. To give your home an industrial look, choose sturdy pieces with simple lines. Many retailers have a wide selection of industrial-inspired furniture, but you might also get lucky and stumble upon some authentic pieces at antique and thrift stores: keep an eye out! Want a one-of-a-kind piece? You can upcycle salvaged materials into unique furniture, for example, by transforming wooden crates into shelves, an electrical cable spool into a side table, a ladder into a towel rack, a mechanic’s toolbox into a chest of drawers, a workbench into a kitchen island, an old sewing machine into an entryway console… you get the picture. If you can swing a hammer and operate a table saw, you could also build furniture (like a coffee table or bookshelf) from old wooden planks and galvanized steel pipes. The possibilities are endless!

Choosing the right light fixture

Cage-style pendants, faux projector floor lamps, telescoping wall sconces, ceiling fixtures made of pipes: as with furnishings and accessories, choose light fixtures that are unpolished or that evoke the factory floor. When choosing materials, brass, chrome, copper, black iron, galvanized steel, wood and concrete are your best bets. Because industrial spaces tend to be dark, you’ll want plenty of light sources!